A programme I much enjoy on Radio 4 is The Listening Project. Thousands of conversations from across the length and breadth of the UK have been recorded and broadcast. They cover every topic under the sun from the sublime to the banal. Some exchanges are funny, others profoundly moving as we dip into other people’s lives. This week I’ve been engaged in a listening project of my own in Plymouth, hearing the concerns of local people, including some of the most socially excluded in our society … More THE GOD WHO LISTENS


12 November 2016 What a privilege to be invited to dedicate the new crematorium chapel in Barnstaple today. Named the ‘Rowan’ this chapel is modern, spacious and airy, not at all gloomy or gothic. It has been built and funded jointly by North Devon and Torridge District Councils, and is testimony to the strength of … More ASHES TO ASHES


Driving into the naval base at Devonport yesterday (November 9th) I found myself humming the First Sea Lord’s song from HMS Pinafore, ‘Now I’m the ruler of the Queen’s Navy’. Except the naval exercise that Bishop Nick and I had been invited to share in was no laughing matter. The exercise was part of a six … More THURSDAY WAR

Encouraging, challenging and exhausting; farewell to Kenya

Today was our last full day in Kenya.  Bishop Julius arranged for us to travel to Nairobi to meet the new Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya, the Most Reverend Jackson ole Sapit. It proved to be a special occasion. After talking with the whole group and hearing something of the tripartite link which … More Encouraging, challenging and exhausting; farewell to Kenya


This is a country of contrasts. Turning off the ‘Nairobi super highway’ onto ordinary roads which may or may be tarmacked, you need to watch out for potholes lest they wreck your suspension. Minibuses known as matatu provide local transport. Passengers are packed in like sardines, often hanging out of the open door is the … More Contrasts